Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballet  
  • What to expect during exams.

    The students sit exams towards to end of Term 2 so this is the main focus of the first two terms. 

    The pre grade 1& 2 receive Rosettes, SLS students receive a banner and others are graded. These results are sent to Jacqui a few weeks after exams and are emailed to each student. 

    Although taking a dance exam isn't compulsory it gives students a means of feedback and reward for the hard work each term. We provide exams as an incentive for improvement and as a means to recognise current achievement levels. 

    Jazz, Tap & Contemporary girls need their hair in a french plait, Ballet girls in a bun, and Hip Hop can have a high ponytail. There is someone available to do hair for a small charge.

    Parents are welcome to watch the presentation of rosettes for Pre Grade exams, this is at the end of the exam.

    Exam Gradings 

    Hip Hop 

    Good,  Very Good,  Great,  Excellent, Outstanding

    Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet

    Pass 50-59%

    Good Pass 60-64%

    Very Good Pass 65-69%

    Commended 70-74%

    Highly Commended 75-79%

    Very Highly Commended 80-84%

    Honours 85-89%

    High Honours 90-94%

    Distinction 95-100%



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