Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballet  
  • A general description of each type of dance we have on offer.

    TAP - We follow the NZAMD American Tap syllabus which consists of barre work, centre work, and set or teachers' own choreographed dances. Keith Clifton's choreography develops an exciting rhythmical array of beats throughout the levels, taking NZAMD tap well into the 21st century.

    STRETCH LEAP & SPIN (SLS) - A Dancer's Award for Jazz, Ballet, and Tap students, available for Junior and Senior levels.

    Designed to develop flexibility (stretch), introduce the student to big jumps and leaps (leap), and improve turning technique (spin) through a fun and energized syllabus which teachers are finding to be an excellent addition to their class content.

    This Award is more assessment than examination and at the end of the students' performance the examiner presents them with an attractive Banner. 

    JAZZ - The NZAMD American Jazz is an exciting syllabus choreographed by Keith Clifton of the USA. The syllabus is designed with comprehensive warm ups, stretches, floor work, progressions from corners with turns, kicks and jumps and fun combinations. 

    HIP HOP - The NZAMD Hip Hop Syllabus is an energetic style of dance with versatile hip hop moves extending the students and giving an exciting progression up through the levels.

    As Hip Hop is constantly evolving, allowing teachers to incorporate the changing styles our NZAMD with teacher's own choreography Combos and Dances ensures it remains fresh, alive and exciting.

    CONTEMPORARY - Teaching students to understand the concepts of contemporary movement such as weight, flow, momentum, and the use of gravity, they continue to enjoy a sense of dance while focusing on freedom of movement and spatial awareness.

    BALLET - Ballet is an important base for most dance disciplines, and the NZAMD Ballet syllabus is designed to allow students to progress without pressure, each grade being of a length that makes it attractive for the once a week student, as well as being progressively challenging for the more committed student.

    We encourage the development of strong musicality and expressive port de bras with dynamics and energy throughout the allegro section.

    PRESCHOOL CLASSES - these incorporate basic dance movements and creative expression to increase your child's co-ordination, balance, motor skills and musicality.



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