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  • April Newsletter

    2 April at 18:06 from atlas

    Hopefully by now your children are well settled in to their classes and enjoying their time with us.  It's hard to believe we only have two weeks of this term left!


    Exam invoices will be sent out today. We have had a tentative date of 28th June onwards for the exams - this is not set in concrete but will give you an idea of when they are.  While exams are not compulsory we do encourage children to sit them as it gives them something to focus on.  It does require some extra practises in the weekend and the exams may be held during the school day.  If you are not sure about the exams, please feel free to talk to the teacher of the class.  Extra practises for Martinborough children will be held in Martinborough with at least one or two held in Carterton so the children are used to the hall before their exam.

    Fees are due by the 20th April.  Any payments after this date will incur a $10 late fee per exam.  Please note this is an Association charge.


    All children should now have uniform.  We are still waiting on the hip hop leggings.  Please get in contact with me as soon as you can if your child does not have the correct uniform. 

    Level One Jazz

    A reminder all girls sitting Level One Jazz need jazz shoes.  I have some second hand ones at the hall or you can order online at https://goo.gl/dTZWja.  They really need these as soon as possible so they get used to wearing them before the exams.

    Exam cd's

    A cd of all the music the girls and boys need for their exams are available on cd.  These are $6 per syllabus and are very handy to have at home as the kids are more likely to practise if they have the music.  I will also be emailing out the syllabus notes for your reference if they need any help.  CDs can be ordered now and will be ready the first week of Term 2.  Please pay as you order.  Thank you. 


    A reminder we are on facebook.  We quite often put reminders on about classes so very handy to have.  We would also like to put snippets of classes on to the Facebook page.  If you have any issues about your child being on Facebook can you please let me know immediately so we make sure this does not happen.  If I don't hear from you I assume you are ok with it.


    We also have a website - https://goo.gl/D88ihw.  We are trying to keep this as up to date as possible.  If there is anything not on there that you think should be, please let me know!

    Parent Viewing

    Parent viewing is held the last week of the term.  Anyone is welcome to come in and view the class on the last week of this term. 

    Term Two

    Term two starts on Monday 1st May with the same timetable as this term.  Invoices will be sent out today and are due on the 30th April.

    Cabaret 2017 

    For those that are new to the school we have a show at the end of the year.  This is held at the Carterton Events Centre in November.  The show dates have been booked for 17th and 18th November.  Please keep this weekend free!  There will be rehearsals prior to these dates - times will be advised closer to the date. 



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