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  • Newsletter 23/2/20

    24 February at 10:23 from atlas

    Dear Parents

    We've had a great start to the year.  There are lots of new faces and I hope everyone is enjoying their classes. 

    Make sure you sign up to our facebook page - we quite often put reminders on this page.  We also have a website which has lots of information on it as well - www.jacquimurraydance.co.nz


    New stock is in. Uniform requirements are below:-

    Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary & Tap Jacqui Murray singlet top and ¾ leggings 

    Ballet   Jacqui Murray leotard and pink skirt

    Boys   Jacqui Murray tshirt and black shorts

    Prices are up at the hall as well as on our website -www.jacquimurraydance.co.nz.

    We also have a range of second hand uniforms at St Mary's Hall for sale.  If you have any uniform you would like to sell please put your name and price on them and get them to me at St Marys Hall.

    For Martinborough students - to save Jasharna bringing everything down, can you please email me with your requirements and I will bag up specifically for each student.  Please email me with you order and specify preference of second hand (if available) or new. 

    Pick up from classes

    Please respect the time your child's class finishes and endeavour to be on time.  We understand sometimes you may get held up but please try and pick up your child at the scheduled finished time, especially when it is the last class of the day. Our teachers have other responsibilities and commitments that can be affected if pupils have not been picked up.


    We have a range of second hand shoes available at the hall.  If there is nothing suitable, new ones can be ordered from - www.dance2go.co.nz.

    If you are not sure of what your child needs, please do not hesitate to ask.  If you have any at home that you wish to sell, please put your name and price on them asap as there are lots of children looking for shoes!

    Level One Jazz requires jazz shoes.


    Please make sure your child has a drink bottle with them when they come to dancing.  It wastes a lot of class time if they need to go to the kitchen and get a drink rather than just a quick sip out of their drink bottle.

    Absent from classes

    If your child is not able to make a class, a quick email or text is much appreciated.  Phone numbers for the teachers are below:-

    Jacqui  027 242 3462

    Jasharna   021 081 36394

    Hannah   022 406 1786

    Amelia  027 528 2509

    Parent Viewing

    We request that parents and other siblings do not sit in and watch the classes.  Please respect this rule.  We have a parent viewing class once a term so you can see how your child is getting on. We will notify when this is closer to the time.

    Important Dates

    In Terms 1 and 2 we work towards exams and Term 3 and 4 we work towards our show which is held at the Carterton Events Centre.  Exams are not compulsory but a good way to keep the kids motivated and working hard.  Dates are:-

    Exams  Between 21st June - 26th June (dates to be confirmed). Exams are generally held during school hours. 

    Cabaret  Friday 20th & Saturday 21st November (confirmed dates - please put on your calendar now)

    St Mary's School Hall

    We do need to let you know this hall has been deemed an earthquake risk and we are using it at our own risk.  If you have any issues with it please come and talk to me.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries.  We hope you enjoy the year!





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