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  • Newsletter April 2020

    16 May at 09:12 from atlas

    Dear Parents

    First of all congratulations to our winners of the Dance Competition held last week - Flynn Pearce and Ruby Hammond. We had a fantastic response from the children and I was so excited to see them all enjoying themselves.  The teachers and I can't wait to get back to class so we can see the kids in person!

    Term 2

    Due to the uncertainty of when we will be able to hold physical classes I have made the decision to hold Term 2 for exam students only.  This will obviously be online at first with the hope that within 2-3 weeks we would be able to "safely" hold classes at the hall.  If you haven't let me know already, can you please indicate whether your child will be participating in exams asap.

    If your child is not doing exams, please encourage them to keep dancing using the work from the google drive - I will also hold more competitions so get them making up dances!  If you have not received the link to the google drive, then please let me know and I can re-send to you.

    Term 2 will be held to the original dates that school terms should have been so our first week back will be Monday 27th April.  This will be in the way of an instructional video to all exam students.  We will also hold Zoom or online meetings so we can keep the children motivated and working hard towards their exams.

    Term 2 Fees

    An invoice to exam students for Term 2 will be sent out shortly.  This will reflect both online and normal classes which I hope we will be able to do by the end of the term.  There will be a small credit offered for Term 1 fees but please understand the time that went in to the work that was sent out on the google drive which had enough work for the children to carry on with for the rest of Term 1.  This credit will be put on everyone's Term 3 fees.


    At this stage we have no idea when exams will be but I am assuming we will have the opportunity to have a short turn around once we go back to classes so it is very important for those sitting exams to continue to practise and to continue with our online classes.  Exam fees will be due soon, but I am waiting to hear from the Association before I send these out. 

    Take care everyone and we hope to see you all back again soon.





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