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  • Newsletter May 2021

    20 May at 11:36 from atlas

    Welcome back to Term 2.  This is exam term so a very important term.

    Exams have been pencilled in for 1st to 3rd July.  A timetable will be out as soon as it is confirmed.


    A reminder to please let myself or your child's teacher know if your child is going to be absent.  It is really important that children who are sitting exams are at every lesson possible. We realise it can't be helped if they are sick, but apart from that we would really appreciate your commitment in getting them to every lesson.


    All children should now be wearing the correct uniform.  If your child does not have the correct uniform, please email me to organise.  There is a small pool of second hand uniforms available.  A reminder of what is required to be worn:-


    Ballet skirt

    J Murray black leotard

    Ballet tights (for exams)

    Ballet shoes

    Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop & Contemporary

    J Murray Black ¾ leggings

    J Murray singlet

    Jazz shoes for Level 1 Jazz upwards

    Tap shoes for all Tap students

    Sneakers for all Hip Hop students

    Term 2 Fees

    Term 2 fees are now due.  If you have not yet paid, your attention to this would be very much appreciated.

    Exam Fees

    All exam fees should now be paid.  Any entries received now will incur a $10 late fee per grade as the entries have now closed.  If you have changed your mind and you want your child to sit the exam, please contact me as soon as possible.

    Mock exams

    Timetable to be confirmed but we are looking at holding mock exams the weekend of 18th and 19th June.  Please keep this weekend free if your child is sitting exams - we realise children will have sports on Saturday so will do our best to work around this.

    Link to music & videos for exam work

    Over the next couple of days I will be sending out a link to a google drive.  This will have the music, notes and videos for your child to be able to practise at home.  If the children want to do well, we urge you to promote they practise at home.  The more work they put in, the better result they will get!  All children will receive the link regardless of whether they are sitting exams or not.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.





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