Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballet  
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    Head Teachers

    Jacqui has been dancing since she was a child and started the Dance School 25 years ago!  She is a fantastic teacher with wonderful relationships with her students and an amazing ability to fit 40 hours into a 24 hour day! 

    Jacqui taught Jasharna to dance and now employs her as a teacher primarily for Hip Hop and also covering some Jazz and Tap Classes. Jasharna has a great rapport with the teenagers especially and brings so much to the dance school.

    Stephanie joined the dance school in 2015 as a Ballet and Contemporary teacher, the contemporary performance in the 2015 Cabaret really impressed and we are so happy to have her on the team. 

    Assistant Teachers

    Avril has been helping out with preschooler  classes for the last 12 years. She is a fantastic support to Jacqui and the kids love her.

    Kate is coming up through the ranks of become a teacher. She is still at school but helps Jaqui with the preschoolers and younger classes. Kate fills in for the other teachers when needed and has been learning hip hop, tap and jazz since the age of 3.



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