Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballet  
  • Essential Uniform

    Uniform is essential for exams and preferred for all classes, we order new and have some second hand clothing and shoes available.

    Jazz/Tap/Contemporary & Hip Hop - Jacqui Murray singlet and black leggings

    Ballet - Jacqui Murray leotard and pink ballet skirt

    Boys - Jacqui Murray Tshirt and black shorts


                                       Size 2-12       Size S-XL

    Singlet                         $44.50           $54.50 

    Black leggings            $44.50            $53.50

    Ballet Leotard            $43.50             $52.50

    Ballet Skirt                  $26.50

    Ballet Tights                  $13.50

    TShirt                          $30 (all sizes)

    Hoodies are also available to purchase at $60 but are not compulsory.

    We recommend www.dance2go.co.nz for footwear and have some second hand items at the hall which are sold on behalf. 



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